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Do you want your staff to have a ‘Cutting Edge’ advantage? Isn’t that what every sales person is looking for? The sales person and consumers have changed a great deal over the years. The consumer is more sophisticated, has more access to information and has abundant choice. What will make a salesperson extraordinary and successful? By utilizing the psychology of sales, understanding the customer needs, and presenting the solution in manner customers will be most receptive to.
The internet has provided an outstanding research tool for all people with a need but people can still be effectively influenced and gently persuaded. This course will enable them.
The change in the dynamics of making a sale today is focussing more on analyzing what a customer wants, needs, before delivering the pitch in the manner they will be agreeable to.
All the other basics in sales will still be addressed but this course will address that extra, that ‘cutting edge’ to make them more successful than the competition.
Learning Objective:
On completing this programme, participants will learn the following:
A I D A / F A B
Learn customer profiling techniques
Why understanding Encoded Assumptions is crucial to sales
Understanding Left Brain & Right Brain application in sales
Learning Brain Colour to know how to pitch your sale
Using Emotional Drivers to hit all the right buttons in sales
Learn effective techniques for information gathering
Learn how to use body language effectively
Learning the use of Postures in sales
Deliver your messages convincingly and effectively
Tonality & Gestures for sales effectiveness
The Psychology of colours in sales
Visual, Audio and Kinaesthetic to ensure sales pitch effectiveness
Embedded Suggestions & Directive Questions for sales success
Closing Sales Techniques