DUNVILLE TEAMBUILDING specializes in customized teambuilding programs. We are able to organize events anywhere in Malaysia and the Asian region.
We create and design our Teambuilding programs by using social learning and themes based on organizational core values, vision and mission.
Dunville teambuilding events typically fall into three categories; Indoor, Outdoor and Adventure Hunt.
The Indoor team building programs include personality type analysis, creative thinking games, group behavioral studies and negotiation group games. These indoor activities are suitable for participants who wish to focus on enhancing their learning skills, improving group cohesion and communication skills amongst the groups.
Our Outdoor team building programs include Treasure Hunts, Walking, Hiking, Water Sport Activities, Go-Kart and Paintball games. Suitable for participants who would like to experience the natural environment while working towards a common goal with their team and have fun during the program.
The Adventure Hunt events include beach survival challenges, jungle trekking, yacht regattas, river cruise and bicycle hunts. This adventure programs are highly challenging and exciting and the activities are more catered for younger groups of participants.
Team Building benefits:
Participants will be able to understand and promote the synergized power of teamwork through building team identity and communication.
Increase workplace efficiency by working together to achieve goals.
Develop the action plan to increase their sense of ownership at work, establish a sense of driven-purpose and direction.
Build relationships, generate momentum to establish the feeling of “one home” among the team members