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Using Directive Communication Psychology to craft an Intelligent Leadership Identity
The decisions we make as a Leader are the essence of what inspires or dis-empowers others. Our ability to Lead Intelligently in the face of frustration and unrealized expectation creates an environment where highly effective people who enjoy their work. This ability to consciously decide to "Act" intelligently and cultivate a Leadership Enriched environment instead of "React" to events and circumstances is "Leadership Intelligence". Based on Directive Communication Psychology and associated case studies, this workshop provides an awareness of ourselves and how our reactions as Leaders affect our environment. It provides a psychological platform to make more intelligent decisions to affect our environment for our desired results. Leadership Intelligence helps you make the right decisions!
A successful participant of this course will be able to:
Apply Leadership applications of Directive Communication Psychology to your environment to improve your decision making platform
Learn the Psychology of your Leadership style and how to improve it
Learn the 5 Pillars of cultivating superior Leadership Intelligence actions
Apply DC Postures to make ANY encounter more productive
Use Colored Brain Communication to identify problems BEFORE they happen
Make Powerful and Intelligent Leadership Decisions
Command a Powerful Leadership Presence
Cultivate a Psycho-Productivity Environment in YOUR Organization